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Interior Painting

Interior painting is one of the most immediate and cost effective ways to provide a new feel and style to rooms which have grown tiresome and dull over the years. Our network of painting contractors have all collected years of experience working on wall surfaces that include drywall, plaster, wallpaper, even tile and brick and in that time have learned the finest techniques on the market to make your interior painting project a success. Plus, if you're just getting into the world of home remodeling it can often be incredibly valuable to have the assistance of professional painting contractors to make sense of the options presented to you and ensure that you end up with a home that has the style and flow you can be proud of and can rely on for years to come.

Exterior Painting

Exterior painting is an incredibly popular solution to home remodeling work across America today and when done correctly can be counted on to effectively protect and renew your home's exterior appearance for years to come, increasing your home's real estate value and your neighbors jealousy along the way. But, the process of painting your home's exterior can be very exacting and complicated making it very worthwhile to seek the help of professional painters and contractors like those found through Painters in New Jersey. Unlike interior painting, exterior painting specialists must have a complete knowledge of treatments including structural replacement, repair, and weather-proofing to help preserve and protect the quality of results which are provided.

Custom Painting

When it comes to home remodeling, and home painting in particular, sometimes the options which you are presented with just aren't right for what you have in mind. If that's the case, you should consider having a custom painting project arranged with the professional painting contractors in your area. These custom painting contractors offer perhaps the most attentive and customizable painting experience on the market today and are happy to sit down with homeowners all across the state to fully understand the home they dream of having and doing all they can to make it a reality. With specialized techniques and equipment your home can be given a style which varies from an antique appearance to a unique, textured pattern on nearly any surface in or around your home.

Who We Are

Painters in New Jersey is the most comprehensive network of house painting contractors in the entire state, with residential painting contractors covering nearly every city in New Jersey. Our affiliates specialize in everything from interior house painting to exterior house painting to custom painting projects, as well as repairs to drywall and wood surfaces, and even trim and accessory painting and installation for homeowners. And you can rest easy knowing that all of our house painting services are performed at costs which simply can’t be beat on today’s market.

Painters in New Jersey’s residential painting contractors have years of experience in all sorts of house painting projects and are fully equipped with the best equipment and the widest selection of house paint available meaning that you can count on your house painting project to be done right and exactly in the style you want. All of our painters and contractors are fully trained, licensed, and insured in the state of New Jersey to perform all the work necessary to make any project a complete success. Plus, with just a little maintenance work, you can expect the high quality of your house painting project to remain for years and years to come.

If you’re curious about finding out more about your particular house painting project we recommend you request a free consultation with one or more of the Painters in New Jersey contractors in your area. The consultation will cover everything from interior painting tips to exterior design ideas and will be performed by a fully certified expert in the field of house painting and remodeling. Every one of our free consultations concludes with a free written estimate of time needed to perform the work desired and the price for completing that work so that you can get a better idea of the budget required to complete your house painting project as you planned to.

Benefits of Painting Your Home

Many homeowners find that a fresh coat of paint is the most effective form of home remodeling available, with a price tag that means you can still live in the house you’re having work done on. This simple change in color and style can lend your entire home a new vitality which is often just what people starting out on home remodels are looking for. Plus, a new paint job is proven to have a positive effect on your home’s real estate value, and even your families health, as old paint can be covering up everything from mold and mildew to rotting wood and even lead contaminants. A professional house painting, like the one you’ll receive from Painters in New Jersey’s network of professional painters and contractors, is guaranteed to uncover any such issues and safely, efficiently, and completely eliminate them while leaving your house looking better than ever. Contact us today to arrange for a Painters in New Jersey painting contractor in your neighborhood to schedule an assessment of your home’s condition and your house will soon have a new look that you can be proud of, and that you can rely on for years to come.