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The Painters in New Jersey network of knowledgeable painting contractors provides many house painting solutions to its customers. What follows is just a brief overview of some of our most popular services, complete with details about how these services could be performed on your home.

Interior Painting

Interior painting has often been compared to a sprint by professionals, as the actual process of applying paint tends to be a process of speedy business followed by periods of patience and detail work which must be done slowly to ensure quality. But, a point which a reliable painter will understand is that about half of a great painting job, one which will be of the most value to homeowners and will look the best overall, is preparation work done before ever getting a brush wet. It’s during this time that a homeowner and a contracting team discuss what the style of the room should be and which colors and kinds of paint should be used to achieve that style. Plus, this is the time when a professional team of painters will begin protecting everything from your houses flooring to it’s furniture since a color that you love on the wall you probably won’t love as much when it’s on your TV screen. After this, homeowners can expect the experts from Painters in New Jersey affiliates to clean and strip the walls of as much dirt and old paint as possible to allow for a better adhesion when new paint is applied. This is then followed by a complete round of repairs to the work surface including any drywall repair, caulking, and spackling which is needed to make sure that the final product of the work will not be marred by damage or moisture build-up overtime. This step is then followed by a complete coating or two of primer to further prepare the surface to hold onto the new paint as smoothly and as enduringly as possible.

Only after all of these steps have been completed thoroughly will quality painting contractors like those found through Painters in New Jersey begin applying paint to your home’s interior walls. At which point the process is rather efficient and methodical to make sure the application is even and of the best appearance. This process ensures that your rooms have a brand new look which you can count on to endure time well with just a little basic care throughout the years.

Exterior Painting

A home’s exterior has to be strong to stand up to all the weather conditions which it’s faced with every day. It’s not surprising, then, that when homeowners begin performing an exterior paint project they often run into complications including water damage, infestations of pests, mold and mildew, and even structural problems from rotting and severely damaged underlying materials. Luckily, a specialized exterior home painter is fully experienced and prepared to deal with these possibilities with the professionalism that ensures that they won’t soon re-emerge. This is always one of the first steps taken by the painting contractors from Painters in New Jersey and, over time, is proven to be one of the most important to making your painting project last longer and look better than painting projects from less experienced sources.

Much like interior painting, a good part of an exterior painting project takes place before any paint is actually applied. Of course, the first step will always be the decisions that homeowners make on things like the types of paint, color choices, and area of work which painter will be focused on. Once these decisions have been made, our teams of expert painters will begin working on protective actions like laying drop cloths, and clearing the area beneath the work surface, and operational actions like planning out the amount of paint and primer needed as well as how best to approach the work surface. This will be followed by significantly detailed cleaning and repair work which can involve everything from power washing, bleach washing, wood and other structural material replacement, and complete renewal of caulking and crack tending. All of these processes are done with expertise that can only be gained through years and years of experience in home remodeling and are performed with a high level of attention and care to ensure that your home’s walls are protected as thoroughly as can be. This will help both your home and your new coat of paint last longer and endure the elements better and is the mark of a truly talented home painting contractor.

Once your home as been completely washed, sanded, and repaired, a coating of primer will be applied to every surface you’re interested in having painted, potentially including your home’s walls, trim, doorways, and deck. This treatment provides further protection to the structural material of your home, as it protects against moisture and UV rays, and is key to getting a thorough, smooth, and well-holding coat of paint on your house. This treatment can make the difference between a paint job which looks good for one season and one that looks good for ten years and should never be underestimated.

After all of this has been done your team of professional painting contractors will begin working on applying the color scheme you’re interested in to your house’s exterior walls. This process can vary greatly in duration based on the weather conditions at the time of the project, as well as the scale of the work being performed but typically doesn’t take longer than a few days. That said, the most enduring and high quality paint projects should be performed in weather which doesn’t fall below 40 degree Fahrenheit, and is largely free of rain, snow, and high wind. However, the professionals at Painters in New Jersey have experience working on exterior projects in nearly any conditions and are happy to discuss the best timeline for your project with you during the free consultation you can schedule today.

Custom Painting

Custom house painting is a growing trend in remodeling today and is entirely driven by the wishes of the customer in each case. Of course, professionals with design and style experience are involved to keep the project based in reality but aside from this point, nearly anything can be done by qualified custom painters. Everything from interior painting and accessorizing to exterior trim painting, installation, and design can be included at the request of the homeowner and the possibilities which are made available during custom painting continue to grow and expand every year. Furthermore, custom painting can feature things like custom color design and unique, specialized paint application techniques which are sure to give your home a look that can’t be matched by any other.

Individuality is really the focus of custom painting jobs, that’s why the work is often a combination of interior and exterior projects since such a unique design on the inside, for example, is best highlighted by a complimentary design on the outside. As you can imagine, this sort of project tends to involve a higher level of design focus and can therefore seem intimidating to certain homeowners who are uncertain about their creativity and design knowledge. However, homeowners who employ painting contractors from Painters in New Jersey can trust that they’ll be matched up with experts who have more than enough creativity, design knowledge, painting skill and experience to develop a customized house painting style which will suit nearly any interest or theme a homeowner could have.

Custom house painting makes it possible for homeowners to fully explore the design potentials of their property without having to stay within the bounds of conventional methods or designs which can be found on other homes. This means that you can elect to focus on specific areas of your home which you’d like change while leaving the areas you love left untouched. To learn more about the multitude of custom painting options which are available to you simply schedule a consultation with your nearest Painters in New Jersey custom painting contractor. They’ll be more than happy to work with you to get your home and your dream home to become the same thing.